FAQ (Please READ before you place order!)

Q1) What is the delivery charges?
A: Delivery is based on item's weight, please PM admin for advice.

Q2) What is the weight of one box of Dark Secret Magic Chocolate?
A: One box is around 100g.

Q3) When can I get my order if I order now?
A: You can only pre-order for every week batch, eg. if our next delivery is 1st week of July'13. Second batch would be 2nd week of July and so on so forth.

Q4) What if I missed the pre-order?
A: You can only wait for next batch delivery.

Q5) How long do I need to wait after I have place my order?
A: Normally delivery only takes 1-2 business days to reach to you, unless it is out of stock.

Q6) What is your delivery method for Free Delivery?
A: We will use Singpost Normal / Registered mail.

Q7) How do I pay you?
A: Only by bank transfer (so that you have a proper transaction record)
Singapore: POSB Savings 060-53058-0; Citibank Current 0634957006
Malaysia: Public Bank 4681629620 ; Maybank 114209696120 

Q8) Will you accept Cash on Delivery?
A: Sorry, we only accept pre-order payment, as we need to pay to our supplier to confirm the stock and make arrangement to deliver from Malaysia to Singapore.

Q9) Can I be an agent?
A: Yes, you are welcome to be part of our Family!! Please email to nikitan0028 at gmail dot com for more information.

About Dark Secret Magic Chocolate:

Q1) How to consume the Dark Secret Magic Chocolate?
A: Pour the content of a sachet into mouth directly. Consume before breakfast or first meal of the day. Consumers are advised to drink 200-300cc of water after consumption.

Q2) How long will I see results?
A: It depends on individuals, majority can see results after finished one course (3 months / 3 boxes), some can see results the first month or even the first week.

Q3) Any rules I need to follow during the course?
A: Stay your lifestyle as per normal, do not skip meals or diet, drink at least 2-3 Litres of water everyday. Avoid junk food and supper, sleep before 11pm (let your body detox and rest).

Q4) Can I continue during my menstrual period? Why?
A: You may stop it during your menstrual period. Any weight-loss products are not recommended during the menstrual period, as it may cause menstrual disorder problems, resulting in the opposite effects, that is because during menstrual period, our body is having poor immunity, the weight-loss product may disrupt it and lead to menstrual disorders, normally menstruation period is the best time to lose weight, but this may affects the health of the body.

Q5) Can pregnant women/breastfeeding mummy eat Dark Secret Magic Chocolate?
A: No.

Q6) Any side effects or will it rebound after I stop?
A: No, the only 'side effect' is your appetite becomes lesser after finished the 3 months course (this is a good effect though), therefore, your weight is unlikely to rebound. But, if you decided to stop consuming Dark Secret Magic Chocolate before 3 months, your weight will definitely rebound, so don't start it if you can't commit minimum 3 months course.

Q7) Why must I finish the Minimum 3 months course?
A: Any weight-loss program is advisable to complete the designed course as your body need time to get used to the product and react to it, if you only take 1 month instead of 3, it is like buying a movie ticket to watch the 1st 1/3 part of the movie. In that case, you will definitely feel that it is a waste of time/money with negative feedback. Before you decided to stop it, please consult your weight loss consultant. 


  1. Please see the first post for prices in RM here: http://darkmagicchocolate.blogspot.sg/

    Or else pls PM admin at our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/QQBeautySeries
    for Prices in other currency.

  2. can we lose weight still without detoxing?

  3. Yes, without detoxing still can lose weight by taking dark chocolate only :)

  4. can i take dark chocolate for more than 3 months also?

  5. Yes, you can take longer than 3 months until you have reached your desired results :)

  6. I cant pm in ur admin page, able to tell the price here in singapore currency?

  7. Just click the 'message' button at top right or sms niki at 85115868 :)

  8. It's not certified halal, but all vegetarian can also take :)

  9. I would like to check if this product get approve by Singapore AVA ?